$10 Cost, but Donations Are Needed!

Project SpayDay is $10 per cat, but that doesn't cover the costs.

Please consider generously donating to SpayDay and the Animal Coalition of Tampa. 

We use grant funding as much as possible, but funding for feral cats isn't always available. 

We rely on you, our caregivers, to help support us as we focus on our mission, which includes caring for the community cats.

Like you, we care deeply about the feral cats, and want to ensure that they are given the best treatment available at prices that are affordable to nearly every cat lover.

We hope that you will assist us in providing this opportunity - we need your support. If you can, we would appreciate any donation you can offer in addition to the $10 per cat.

The value is incredible:

Each cat receives:


-Pain Medicine

-Earmite Treatment





-Ear Tip

It is only through the generosity of the veterinarians and other volunteers that we are able to do this at this cost. All donations are tax deductible: CH13060.

Appointments are Required! Click Here